Fashion Guide: Coachella 2018

Coachella 2018 is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! Coachella represents the best in music as well as the best in festival fashion. Attending Coachella is more than listening to the amazing music of Beyoncé, Eminem, and The Weeknd. It’s a complete experience that encompasses music, art, ideas, and, of course, … Continue Reading

The Time is Now

So, you’re getting older. Your body is starting to look different, those jeans just aren’t fitting the way they used to, and sometimes it all gets a bit discouraging. Do not worry; it’s not a hard problem to fix. Once you hit that 25-year-old mark, caring for your body and your mind starts to become … Continue Reading

Meghan Markle: Embracing the Royal’s Style

Since the first picture was released of Meghan Markle spending some quality time with now fiancé Prince Harry, her every move and fashion choice have been watched by the world. While she was already a celebrity and in the spotlight, becoming apart of the royal family comes with a new set of responsibilities and requirements … Continue Reading

Ultra Violet Knockout

With 2017 behind you, and a clean slate, trade in last year’s bright and cheery green for this year’s deep, rich purple. Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet, and we couldn’t be more excited! While green does represent growth and harmony, purple represents luxury and ambition, and come on. Is there any better … Continue Reading

3 Easy Ways to Ditch the “Mom Look”

Between the nursing, the late nights, the potty training, and the temper tantrums, we all know it’s hard to be a mom! But just because you’re on the battlefield of motherhood doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of fashion. In fact, motherhood is the perfect time to ditch the “same-old” mom clothes … Continue Reading

The Fashionista’s Fine Dining Guide: Island Creek Oyster Bar

Calling all seafood lovers! You’re about to be in shell-shock. Island Creek Oyster Bar is a sophisticated spot for delicious and fresh seafood. Conveniently located near Fenway Park, it’s easily accessible from nearby hotels, conference centers, and downtown. This incredible restaurant scores high marks in atmosphere, food, service, and drinks. See for yourself why it’s … Continue Reading

French Girl Fashion: Infuse Your Style with European Elegance

Bien sur, there’s a reason why French fashion never goes out of style. French girls are famously fashionable, and tres chic in a maddeningly effortless way. In fact, Euro-fashion always seems to be two steps ahead of American trends. So, how can you achieve that European look when you’re not a native? Follow these easy tips … Continue Reading

Fit and Fabulous: Workout Gear for 2018

Activewear is an unstoppable trend. Increased interest in health and exercise, as well as the rise of athleisure-wear, has upgraded yoga pants and sports bras from boring functional pieces to wardrobe essentials. But how do you find the most comfortable, functional, and fabulous workout fashion? Look to the experts at Lux Box, of course. We’ve … Continue Reading

5 Statement Pieces for a Fabulous Winter

As the temperatures continue to drop and we fight to stay warm, it’s easy to surrender style to clunky, uncoordinated layers. At Lux Box, however, we’re challenging ourselves to stay warm as well as fashion-forward by incorporating the season’s biggest trends into our wardrobe. Of course, there’s nothing trendier than an eye-catching statement piece, and … Continue Reading

Pop Culture Fashion: Star Wars

Star Wars is a legendary pop culture influencer and has been since its original release in the 70s. Although the series is set in “a galaxy far, far away,” lots of the out-of-this-world costumes are fashion-worthy. Leia’s white dress? Iconic. Rey’s cold shoulder look? We love it. So, if pop culture and fashion are your … Continue Reading