Ladies, Pamper Yourself!

Yes, It’s Actually Necessary! Pampering yourself seems to be a necessary step on the happiness trail that a lot of women skip. Whatever your reason being, put it on the back burner for one moment and take some time for yourself. Here are a couple of tips to get you started. Tip #1: Focus Allow … Continue Reading

Streetwear is Here to Stay

  Streetwear, budding from the days of early hip-hop and California punk culture, has seen many shifts since its inception. The 80’s was surf, the 90’s was skate, and thankfully, its side-hustle of dad shoes and large belts came to a halt. But streetwear as a whole, with the help of dominating companies like Supreme, … Continue Reading

What Are You Wearing This Weekend?

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. It is the time to take a break from the high fashion look in favor of a more relaxed and comfortable look. I try to wear fashion combinations on weekends that are stylish yet very casual; I through on clothes that can be worn to run errands or to … Continue Reading

3 Spring Fling Prints & Patterns That Belong In Every Woman’s Springtime Wardrobe

As with all the latest fashion and design trends, each season is associated with specific colors, prints, and patterns. Prepping your closet for springtime styling and not sure what pieces it needs to meet today’s fashion trends? Here are the 3 essential prints and patterns you HAVE to have in your spring closet collection. IKAT … Continue Reading

Three Ways To Wear A Basic T-Shirt

Ladies, t-shirts have got to be the most simple piece that you can add to an outfit ever. They are so comfortable to wear, and can go with almost every fashion in your closet from skirts, denim trousers, shorts, to boot-cut pants there are just so many creative ways t-shirts can be worn and look … Continue Reading

How Clothing Choices Affect And Reflect Your Self-Image

The fashion and clothing you wear play a significant component of everyday life. You may not realize it, but subconsciously your style and clothing choices influence and reflect your confidence and self-image for the day ahead.  Choosing the correct clothing that enhances our self-images on a daily basis is a key to defining our individual … Continue Reading

Work It Out With 2018’s Best Workout Gear

The holiday season is behind us and spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to break out of our winter hibernation habits and start prepping our bodies and our closets for fun in the sun! Luckily, getting in shape is more stylish than ever with 2018’s best workout gear. Say goodbye to unflattering … Continue Reading

Lux Box Style’s Beauty Picks for 2018

Lipsticks, gloss, bronzer, eyeliner, concealer, mascara, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lip liner, highlighter, primer, etc., etc. Does it seem like beauty products are taking over department stores? It’s no secret that the cosmetic market is booming. A recent report on beauty industry sales revealed that the 2016 revenue of cosmetic industry sales reached a staggering $62.4 billion … Continue Reading

New York Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2018/19

All eyes were on the runways of New York Fashion Week, between February 8th and the 16th. The forecast for fall/winter 2018 is officially in: big, bold and brilliant! From Tom Ford’s neon cheetah prints to Rio Uribe’s gorgeous embellished skirts and gypsy tees, there’s nothing shy about the season’s hot styles. Here are a … Continue Reading

Style at the Grammys: It’s easier to pull off than you think

The Grammys were phenomenal this year. So many very talented artists and writers were recognized for their musicality and performance. While it was an award show for music, in the midst of all of the domestic turmoil, it was also a platform on which those in support of the #TimesUp movement could use their voices … Continue Reading